EarthScope Comprehensive SAR Archive Grant


  • 0952375

    This grant supports acquisition of Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imagery from a foreign space agencies and to support their integration into the existing WinSAR imagery archive maintained at the UNAVCO Facility. The U.S. does not have a civilian SAR sensor in orbit and future plans for a mission are as of yet very uncertain. The WiNSAR archive is available to the geosciences community without additional cost for use in SAR interferometery investigations of spatially continuous crustal deformation processes and dynamics as well as seismic and volcanic hazards mitigation research. Support will allow for purchase of legacy and newly acquired SAR imagery from the European Space Agency (ESA), both from the Envisat and ERS satellite SAR sensors, support tasking costs of the Envisat satellite in order to acquire SAR imagery over specified areas of geological interest which otherwise would not be imaged, and modest investment in mass storage and related data base administration needs.


date/time interval

  • September 15, 2010 - August 31, 2014

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  • EAR-0952375