New Projects and Datasets at the Northern California Earthquake Data Center Abstract


  • The NCEDC, a long-term archive and distribution center for geophysical data for northern California, is expanding the available datasets and updating distribution methods to provide better access to its data. % The NCEDC currently archives continuous seismic waveform data from the BDSN and event-triggered data from the NCSN. Data from the BDSN are available in SEED and work is underway to make NCSN data available in this format. Event waveforms from specialized networks, such the Geysers and Parkfield, are also available. % In addition to seismic datasets, the NCEDC is working with the USGS and UCSD to archive ""low-frequency"" datasets, including data from strainmeters, creep meters, magnetometers, water well levels, and tiltmeters. Data will be available in SEED. % Data from the BARD network of over 40 continuously recording GPS sites are archived at the NCEDC in both raw and RINEX format, and are currently available via FTP. The NCEDC is also the primary archive for survey-mode GPS and other geodetic data collected in northern California by the USGS, universities, and other agencies. Data from USGS Menlo Park surveys are now available. % To provide users with seamless access to data, the NCEDC is working on datacenter integration projects. In conjunction with IRIS DMC we developed and implemented NETDC, and we are participating in the UNAVCO-sponsored GPS Seamless Archive Centers (GSAC) initiative. We are working with the SCECDC to provide unified access to California earthquake data. % For many years, the NCEDC has provided access to both the USGS and BSL earthquake catalogs. We are currently completing a unified northern California earthquake catalog constructed from the individual catalogs. The catalog includes hypocenters, phases, amplitudes, moment tensors, and first motion information, and will be fully searchable from the Web. % Most NCEDC data are available via the Web. Research accounts are available for research activities or access to specialized datasets. The NCEDC is a joint project of the UC Berkeley Seismological Laboratory and the USGS at Menlo Park.


publication date

  • 2000

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