Incorporating Geodetic Data in Introductory Geoscience Classrooms through UNAVCO's GETSI "Ice Mass and Sea Level Changes" Module Abstract


  • GETSI (Geodesy Tools for Societal Issues) is an NSF-funded partnership program between UNAVCO, Indiana University, Mt. San Antonio College, and the Science Education Resource Center (SERC). We present results from classroom testing and assessment of the GETSI Ice Mass and Sea Level Changes module that utilizes geodetic data to teach about ice sheet mass loss in introductory undergraduate courses. The module explores the interactions between global sea level rise, Greenland ice mass loss, and the response of the solid Earth. It brings together topics typically addressed in introductory Earth science courses (isostatic rebound, geologic measurements, and climate change) in a way that highlights the interconnectivity of the Earth system and the interpretation of geodetic data. The module was tested 3 times at 3 different institution types (R1 institution, comprehensive university, and community college), and formative and summative assessment data were obtained. We will provide an overview of the instructional materials, describe our teaching methods, and discuss how formative and summative assessment data assisted in revisions of the teaching materials and changes in our pedagogy during subsequent implementation of the module. We will also provide strategies for faculty who wish to incorporate the module into their curricula. Instructional materials, faculty and student resources, and implementation tips are freely available on the GETSI website.

publication date

  • 2015

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