First Report of the Stable North America Reference Frame (SNARF) Working Group Abstract


  • Here we present a report of the first workshop of the Stable North America Reference Frame (SNARF) Working Group, which was held on January 27, 2004 at UNAVCO, attended by the co-authors of this poster. At that workshop, the SNARF WG discussed various technical aspects that must be considered toward the development of a reference frame attached to stable North America. Here we summarize the outcomes of those discussions and a list of initial recommendations as to how this work should proceed. The long term outcome of this work will be a reference frame that can be used by the Plate Boundary Observatory. This will ensure consistency between the various analysis groups, and will provide well-defined frame parameters that will assist the interpretation of station coordinate time series in terms of geophysical models.

publication date

  • 2004

presented at event