UNAVCO SAR Operations: WInSAR, EarthScope and Supersites Abstract


  • UNAVCO provides support services for 3 SAR archives, WInSAR (Western North American Interferometric Synthetic Aperture Radar Consortium), the Earthscope SAR data archive and Supersites (for GEO). Supersites are specific areas of tectonic interest and/or high natural hazard chosen by GEO for free global distribution of SAR and other data. Two of the archives (WInSAR and EarthScope) are hosted at UNAVCO, and the Supersites is hosted on Level 3's global content delivery network, courtesy of ESA. UNAVCO helps to order SAR data for WInSAR and the Supersites, and maintains websites and metadata for all 3 archives. An overview of the holdings and recent history of the archives will be presented. We will also discuss our efforts to streamline the use of all 3 archives.

publication date

  • 2010

presented at event