The UNAVCO Terrestrial Laser Scanning Data Archive Abstract


  • The UNAVCO Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) data archive has undergone a major update in order to better archive and deliver TLS data for the UNAVCO community. The TLS archive has been rebuilt from the ground up with an emphasis on a streamlined platform that improves the discovery of lidar data products, and associated metadata. In the process of migrating to the new archive platform, several new features have been added, including; login-based user authentication for data download (archive can be browsed without a login), standardized data products for most data sets, improved user interface and search functions, and generation of digital object identifiers (DOIs) for all dataset. Considerable effort has been invested to standardize TLS data products and their organization. With TLS data dating back to 2008, the archive has historically been very heterogeneous. Standards for data organization, product naming, and metadata elements have been created and have since been retroactively applied to these legacy datasets as part of the roll out of the new TLS Data Archive platform. RESTful Web services, built into the archive platform, will enable federated data discovery and access. Once complete, we expect UNAVCO data products to be visible and downloadable from within OpenTopography. Additional features UNAVCO staff are currently building and anticipate will be available by summer 2016 include automated monthly metrics, a means for users to contribute their own data (such as higher level data products), and streamlined data ingestion processes for UNAVCO staff. The TLS Data Archive can be found at:

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  • 2016

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