The UNAVCO Web Presence: Current Development and Future Plans Abstract


  • The UNAVCO Web presence provides current information about UNAVCO resources, procedures and activities for those in our community. Web technologies are ideally suited to maximize resources UNAVCO provides to its community. The UNAVCO Web Development team is working to enhance our Web user's experience through the addition of new tools, redesign of interfaces, and new content to support new program areas. Ongoing evaluation of the effectiveness of UNAVCO's Web development work will be emphasized through user feedback and user surveys. The Facility Data Group is upgrading search and access tools for data and metadata in the UNAVCO Archive. Current web database-query pages are being replaced by PHP pages which allow improved upfront filtering capability for finding data held in the Archive. Spatial search and display are being implemented using Google Maps technology. Metadata and temporal searches are being integrated with spatial search methods for comprehensive, flexible searching. New status reports are available with tabular temporal views and/or spatial snapshot status view. The Facility Engineering Group is working on new content to reflect new projects and update existing material. New material will better enable new user's navigation of Facility Project Support information. The Plate Boundary Observatory's (PBO) Web presence is being enhanced to better meet the PBO Community's needs by providing greater access to data products, network state of health, and station metadata. Web services are being developed to improve management of station status and maintenance workflows. In addition, web services are providing real time reporting of permitting, equipment, station status, site photos and more. Education and Outreach is redesigning its Web presence to provide interfaces appropriate to various audiences including our research community. Collaborative workspaces and evaluation tools will be tested in this area as prototypes for the entire UNAVCO website. A redesigned user interface to the Jules Verne Voyager will provide opportunities for educators and students to use this powerful tool in accessing geophysical data. We will demonstrate current work in progress and invite user feedback.

publication date

  • 2006

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