ISCE Software


  • The InSAR Scientific Computing Environment (ISCE) is a modern framework for accurate, efficient processing of interferometric and polarimetric synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data. ISCE was developed at NASA/JPL and Stanford under a NASA Advanced Information Systems and Technology program effort that ended in 2012. Integration with cloud computing is continuing through an effort called Cloud Enabled Scientific Computing Research Environment (CESCRE), under the NASA Computational Modeling Algorithms and Cyber-infrastructure program. ISCE provides a computing environment for geodetic image processing for InSAR sensors that will enable scientists to reduce measurements directly from radar satellites and aircraft to new geophysical products without first requiring them to develop detailed expertise in radar processing methods. The environment serves as the core of a centralized processing center to bring Level-0 raw radar data up to Level-3 data products, but is adaptable to alternative processing approaches for science users interested in new and different ways to exploit mission data. ISCE enables a new class of analyses that take greater advantage of the long time and large spatial scales of new data sets than current approaches.