RTNet Software


  • RTNet (Real Time NETwork processing Engine) is a commercial GNSS processing software product from GPS Solutions.

    Some features of RTNet:

    • is primarily designed for real-time applications, but post-processing is possible
    • can process data in network mode or in PPP mode in real-time or post-processing
    • real-time results from one master - run (i.e. satellite clocks or tropospheric parameters) can be read directly as input by other slave - runs
    • has RTK ambiguity resolution capability
    • estimates DGPS corrections and generates corrections for network RTK
    • processes zero-differenced observations and the satellite and receiver clock corrections are estimated at every epoch independently
    • is designed for processing GNSS networks with the highest possible accuracy with the full variance-covariance and not only their baseline- related parts
    • has precision orbit determination (POD) capability