GMTSAR Software


  • GMTSAR is an open source (GNU General Public License) InSAR processing system designed for users familiar with Generic Mapping Tools (GMT). The code is written in C and will compile on any computer where GMT and NETCDF are installed. The system has three main components:

    1. a preprocessor for each satellite data type (e.g., ERS, Envisat, and ALOS) to convert the native format and orbital information into a generic format;

    2. an InSAR processor to focus and align stacks of images, map topography into phase, and form the complex interferogram;

    3. a postprocessor, mostly based on GMT, to filter the interferogram and construct interferometric products of phase, coherence, phase gradient, and line-of sight displacement in both radar and geographic coordinates;

    4. a seperate preprocessor written by Walter Szeliga is now available in the download area to prepare TerraSAR-X, COSMOS-SkyMed (raw and SLC), and RADARSAT-2 data for InSAR processing by GMTSAR.

    GMT is used to display all the products as postscript files and KML images for Google Earth. A set of C-shell scripts has been developed for standard 2-pass processing as well as image alignment for stacking and time series. ScanSAR processing is also possible but requires a knowledgeable user. Users are welcome to contribute to this effort. In particular contributions using other scripting languages such as Perl and Python are desired.

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