• The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in Pasadena, California, provides user support for GIPSY - OASIS (GOA II), an automated, fast, ultra-precise high precision GPS data processing software package with strict data quality control.

    Some features of GOA II:

    Cm-level accuracy demonstrated (ground and space)

    Automated, unattended low cost operations

    Innovative GPS and non-GPS analysis capabilities

    Real-time capability (with RTG - Real-Time GIPSY)

    Unique filter/smoother is without equal in GPS estimation capabilities and accuracy

    Adaptable to: non-GPS orbiters; non-NASA programs (FAA, military, commercial)

    Some of what you can do with GOA II:

    Orbit determination - individual spacecraft or satellite constellations

    Precise positioning and timing: ground, sea, and air

    Automated (unattended) operations

    Near-real time capability

    Real-time capability with RTG

    APPS: Automated Precision Positioning Service (replaces Auto-GIPSY) is an e-mail/ftp interface to GIPSY. It does a basic analysis of GPS data in a RINEX file. You don't need GIPSY to use APPS; all the processing occurs on a computer at JPL. E-mail is used to inform APPS about the location of your data. E-mail is sent from APPS to inform you about the location of the results. Anonymous ftp is used by APPS to fetch your data, and you use anonymous ftp to fetch the results.

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