TEQC Software


  • Teqc (pronouced "tek") is a simple yet powerful and unified approach to solving many pre-processing problems with GPS,GLONASS, Galileo, SBAS, Beidou-2/Compass, and QZSS data, especially in RINEX or BINEX format:

    • translation: binary data reading/translation of native binary formats (optional RINEX file creation for OBS, NAV, and/or MET files or optional creation of BINEX)
    • editing: including time windowing; file splicing; SV or other filtering; metadata extraction, editing, and/or correction of RINEXheader metadata or BINEX metadata records
    • quality check: quality checking of GPS and/or GLONASS data (native binary, BINEX, or RINEX observation files; with or without ephemerides)
    These three main functions (from which teqc gets its name: translation, editing, and quality check) can be performed altogether, in pairs, or separately.

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