RTKLIB Software


  • RTKLIB is an open source program package for standard and precise positioningwith GNSS (global navigation satellite system). RTKLIB consists of a portableprogram library and several APs (application programs) utilizing the library.The features of RTKLIB are:


    • (1) It supports standard and precise positioning algorithms with:      
      GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS, BeiDou and SBAS    
    • (2) It supports various positioning modes with GNSS for both real-time- and    post-processing:      
      Single, DGPS/DGNSS, Kinematic, Static, Moving-Baseline, Fixed,    PPP-Kinematic, PPP-Static and PPP-Fixed.    
    • (3) It supports many standard formats and protocols for GNSS:      
      RINEX 2.10,2.11,2.12 OBS/NAV/GNAV/HNAV/LNAV/QNAV, RINEX 3.00,3.01,3.02    OBS/NAV,RINEX 3.02 CLK,RTCM ver.2.3,RTCM ver.3.1 (with amendment 1-5),    RTCM ver.3.2, BINEX, NTRIP 1.0, NMEA 0183, SP3-c, ANTEX 1.4, IONEX 1.0,    NGS PCV and EMS 2.0.    
    • (4) It supports several GNSS receivers' proprietary messages:
      NovAtel: OEM4/V/6,OEM3,OEMStar,Superstar II, Hemisphere: Eclipse,Crescent,    u-blox: LEA-4T/5T/6T, SkyTraq: S1315F, JAVAD GRIL/GREIS, Furuno    GW-10-II/III and NVS NV08C BINR.    
    • (5) It supports external communication via:
      Serial, TCP/IP, NTRIP, local log file (record and playback) and FTP/HTTP    (automatic download). 
    • (6) It provides many library functions and APIs (application program    interfaces):
      Satellite and navigation system functions, matrix and vector functions,    time and string functions, coordinates transformation, input and output    functions, debug trace functions, platform dependent functions,    positioning models, atmosphere models, antenna models, earth tides models,    geoid models, datum transformation, RINEX functions, ephemeris and clock    functions, precise ephemeris and clock functions, receiver raw data    functions, RTCM functions, solution functions, Google Earth KML converter,    SBAS functions, options functions, stream data input and output functions,    integer ambiguity resolution, standard positioning, precise positioning,    post-processing positioning, stream server functions, RTK server    functions, downloader functions.    
    • (7) It includes the following GUI (graphical user interface) and CUI (command-line user interface) APs.      
      Function                     GUI AP          CUI AP  
      (a) AP Launcher                  RTKLAUNCH       -  
      (b) Real-Time Positioning        RTKNAVI         RTKRCV  
      (c) Communication Server         STRSVR          STR2STR  
      (d) Post-Processing Analysis     RTKPOST         RNX2RTKP  
      (e) RINEX Converter              RTKCONV         CONVBIN  
      (f) Plot Solutions and Obs Data  RTKPLOT         -  
      (g) Downloder of GNSS Data       RTKGET          -  
      (h) NTRIP Browser                NTRIPSRCBROWS   -  
    • (8) All of the executable binary APs for Windows are included in the package as    well as whole source programs of the library and the APs.